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We particularly encourage students who are members of groups underrepresented in the sciences, who are the first in their families to college, who are from inner city or rural communities, or who have grown up with financial or other disadvantage to apply. The aims of Yale BioMed Amgen Scholars Program are: to identify applicants interested in biomedical research careers; to provide them with an intensive research and didactic experience in biomedicine during a 9-week residency at Yale School of Medicine; and to provide faculty and peer mentoring resources that extend throughout and beyond the program.

Travel and hotel expenses will be covered for one parent to travel to New Haven for the closing symposium and events. Students must participate in the entire 9-week curriculum. Each student will be matched with the laboratory of a research mentor at the School of Medicine, and will pursue a research project under the supervision of the research mentor.

Hands-on training in research techniques, data acquisition and analysis will be provided. At the end of the summer, students will present their research in the form of a poster and brief oral synopsis at the closing symposium July 31, Other events during the closing symposium will include research talks from faculty and trainees, a panel discussion on careers in the biomedical sciences, and an opportunity for students and parents to meet and talk to Yale University professors, administrators and students.

The goals of this program are to recruit students from diverse backgrounds and experiences to careers in biomedical research and to provide them with knowledge, skills and resources to help them succeed as scientists or physician-scientists.

We anticipate that Yale BioMed Amgen Scholars Program students will become highly competitive applicants to graduate training programs at Yale University and other premier institutions. Come back in ! Please visit this page in the fall for key dates and deadlines for Summer applications. In addition, all BioMed Amgen Scholars will participate in program specific events, including: Weekly faculty-led journal clubs Weekly peer-mentoring forums Career development sessions: focus on preparing for graduate school or MD-PhD Physician-scientist shadowing experiences Networking opportunities with researchers At the end of the summer, students will present their research in the form of a poster and brief oral synopsis at the closing symposium July 31, Latest News.

June 17, Read more. Barbara Kazmierczak named the Pfeiffer M. Program Director. More News. Research Opportunities are available in the following fields:. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, and Development.International internships in Japan are fully funded. The fully-funded internship for international students will be held in UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program from 9 June — 3 Augustafter that the students will move to Singapore.

The UTokyo paid internship program was launched in in the United States, in Europe, and in Japan at the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, Amgen Scholars has expanded to additional world-class institutions in the U. Students from all over the world can apply for the Japan internship program We also share opportunities on our Instagram account on a daily basis. In addition to working full time in the laboratory for 8 weeks, the program features:.

Eligibility Criteria:. UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program applicants must be undergraduate students who are:. UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program applicants must also:. Following documents are required for the UTokyo Internship:. Please apply through Online Application. Fill all the required fields carefully. Once your application is submitted online, you cannot make any changes. Related Posts. Search for:.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Do you want to link to this External Site and leave Amgen.

Amgen takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over, the organizations, views, or accuracy of the information contained on this server or site. Globally, ABE is expected to reach nearlysecondary school students by in 20 regions around the world. For nearly 30 years, ABE has empowered high school science teachers to implement real-world biotechnology labs in their classrooms, helping their students better understand science and how it influences their daily lives.

The three-week in-class lab initiative provides teacher professional development, instruction materials, and research-grade equipment to classrooms to immerse students in the concepts and techniques scientists use to discover and develop medicines. We are excited to see how ABE will transform the learning experience and build curiosity and confidence in science for students in Tampa ," said Gwen Cummingssite lead, Amgen Capability Center.

The scientific literacy they gain from this program will serve them well throughout their lives—that's the value of ABE. Amgen is new to Tampa and the Amgen Foundation's investment in the University of South Florida and Hillsborough County Public Schools is one way we are demonstrating our commitment to this vibrant community.

Results of an independent and rigorous evaluation by WestEd found that ABE students have shown significant and substantial gains in biotechnology learning, as well as increased confidence and interest in doing science and biotechnology. Results show that:.

amgen scholars program 2020

To learn more about the Amgen Foundation's other science education programs, visit AmgenInspires. About the Amgen Foundation The Amgen Foundation seeks to advance excellence in science education to inspire the next generation of innovators and invest in strengthening communities where Amgen staff members live and work.

The Amgen Foundation brings the excitement of discovery to the scientists of tomorrow through several signature programs, including Amgen Scholars, Amgen Biotech Experience, and Amgen Teach. For more information, visit www. About the University of South Florida The University of South Floridaestablished in and located in Tampais a high-impact global research university dedicated to student success. USF ranks in the top 25 nationally for research expenditures among public universities, according to the National Science Foundation.

No, Return to Amgen. Yes, Leave Amgen.The objective of the program is to provide undergraduate students from different countries including some from Japan who are committed to or who are considering a career in biology or related sciences and looking to continue to graduate studies, with eight weeks of biomedical research experience in the basic and translational sciences.

amgen scholars program 2020

By the end of their summer experience, students are expected to acquire knowledge and skills for conducting research. The students are also expected to extend their international friendship through the collaborative experiences.

These experiences will help the students to develop future collaborations in many situations. The stipend should be used freely to budget for food and any personal trips during your stay in Japan and so on.

Economy-class airline tickets for flights, or round-trip train tickets for domestic students, will be provided to participate in the program and the Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium to be held in Singapore. The most economical and direct route and travel schedule will be stipulated based on the discussion between participants and the program office.

If the schedule is changed for personal reasons of the participant, they will be required to repay the University of Tokyo the cost of the original booked flights. Official website. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Cool Labs from Amgen Scholars: All About the New Science

Skip to content. In addition, all participants must be able to attend the program for its entire duration. To live in the accommodation provided by UTokyo. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Students applying from Puerto Rico have an extended deadline until February 14, due to the recent earthquakes and power outages. The Amgen Scholars Program is a national program to increase research opportunities for students committed to pursuing careers in the sciences.

Additionally, this program encourages participants to pursue a Ph. Applicants from diverse populations and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. In general, confirmation emails may not be sent instantly. Contact our program for assistance.

Yes, you can apply to multiple program sites. Each site has the same minimum eligibility requirements; however, other requirements and application process may vary slightly. Be sure to read each site's requirements carefully. Yes, we will accept supporting documents for a short time after the deadline; however, only completed applications are reviewed. You should only list research experience you have obtained as an undergraduate.

However, you can mention your high school research in your essay. You are ineligible to apply because you must have completed 3 semesters or 4 quarters of college before applying to the Amgen Scholars Program. You must be returning to your undergraduate college or university in fall of to continue your studies. UC Berkeley accepts unofficial. Upload your transcript s as a PDF and your current transcript must include your fall grades.

Study Abroad applicants may submit their fall grades later, if needed. Please do not mail, email, or fax your transcript to the program. Study Abroad applicants and those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria and the California fires may submit fall grades later, if needed.

Please email the program amgenscholars berkeley. To convert a 5.

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Both ways will yield the same 4. Within your online application, you will request for the letter writer to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. To make this request, you will enter the names and email address of each letter writer. You can also change or add different request. Carefully follow the instructions provided within the online application.

Letters from people who have experience working with you in a research setting, faculty mentors, principal investigators, professors, and teachers are preferred. Two letters from the same lab is consider as one letter i. Letter writers can be submitted at various times including after your application is submitted and after the deadline.

As part of your online application, you will list your four top research areas of interest and your four top faculty members. You are required to participate for the entire 10 weeks except for students on a quarter system who must arrive late and participate approximately 9 weeks.

Thanks to the Amgen Foundation for its generous support of this program.

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All rights reserved. UC Berkeley. Each Amgen Scholars site has its own application process.The Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program offers an immersive research experience, pre-professional development, and social engagement. It fostered my ambition to pursue a Ph. I continue to benefit from the network. The Amgen Scholars Program at Harvard is a week faculty-mentored residential summer research program for undergraduates in biotechnology. Amgen Scholars will be paired with world-renowned faculty mentors and a director supervisor postdoctoral scholar or graduate student in the laboratory, following an interview selection process.

Throughout the duration of the program, Amgen Scholars will conduct hands-on, innovative research across biotechnology fields in cutting-edge facilities at Harvard. In addition to research, Amgen Scholars will participate in a number of intellectual, pre-professional development, and social activities throughout the program.

Amgen Scholars at Harvard will participate in a full-time week residential summer research program, where they will be paired with faculty hosts. In addition to research, the Amgen Scholars Program at Harvard believes in a three-dimensional approach that includes a variety of pre-professional development, scholarly development, and social engagement activities to encompass a dynamic, holistic process for training the next generation of scientists.

Please click here to learn more about the Harvard-Amgen Scholars.

amgen scholars program 2020

Follow these simple steps to submit an application for Summer Create an XID here by entering your email address and name. Make sure you give your recommenders plenty of time to ensure your application is completed by the deadline. Two letters of recommendation are required.

Send each of your two recommenders the instructions, which will guide recommenders on the topics we would like addressed in their letters of recommendation.

We strongly encourage you to have a conversation with your recommenders about your interest in the program, and share your essays with them, which will help inform them about what they could write.

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Submitted transcripts must meet the following criteria:. Please note that upon admission to the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program, students will need to provide an official transcript. Please be clear and concise. Any resume page beyond the 2 page limit will not be considered. Please note that if you are not ready to submit your application materials immediately following your online registration, you may go back to the materials submission website at a later time by clicking the link below.

Your application is complete when you have fully responded to each of these steps. After the deadline has passed and we have had the opportunity to initially evaluate the submitted applications, you will receive an email confirming that you are being considered for the program. Please do not contact our office requesting updates on the status of your application.

Please contact us by email amgenscholars harvard. The Amgen Scholars Program at Harvard selects undergraduates with high academic success, research interests in the biotechnology fields, and commitment to the pursuit of a career in science. The Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program collaborates with faculty across the university. If you have questions about faculty hosts or their Harvard appointments, please contact the Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program amgenscholars harvard.

The Amgen Scholars Program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to engage in a hands-on research experience during a week summer program at some of the world's leading institutions. There are 10 program sites throughout the U. You may apply to participate at multiple program sites.

For more information, please visit the Amgen Scholars website. Eligible undergraduate students are welcome to apply to any or all of the Amgen Scholars Program sites. However, each Amgen Scholars Program site has its own application process and requirements.Through the generous support of the Amgen FoundationColumbia University and Barnard College now offer a summer research program to a select group of motivated undergraduate students who will benefit from the opportunity of hands-on biology related laboratory research.

This is a chance to experience the joys of discovering something completely new while learning to overcome the challenges inherent in scientific research. Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program. Mentors Other Internships. Exciting Grant Renewal. Alumni Contact Form.

Amgen Scholars Program: Fully-funded Summer School at The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University

Current Program. Schedule Participants Rodent Training. Research Article. Discussion Groups. Personal Statement. Graduate School Resources. Cancer Symposium. Previous Program. Events in NYC. CU Biology Dept.

Amgen Foundation Launches Amgen Biotech Experience In Tampa, Florida

The Amgen Scholars Program is competitive, with awards based on grades, recommendations and career plans. You may apply if you are a US citizen or permanent resident and currently a sophomore, junior, or non-graduating senior at a four-year college or university in the United States, Puerto Rico or other US territory.

If you are a Columbia University or Barnard College undergraduate student and wish to be considered for the Amgen Scholars program, you should apply to the SURF program and you will automatically be considered for both programs. No previous research experience is necessary and you do not need to be a biology major to apply. Students are expected to work full-time for the duration of the program, so participation is not compatible with attending summer school or working at another job.

Once a week, students gather to hear a scientist describe his or her research, to hear about a peer's research, or to present their own research to the other Amgen Scholars. Amgen Scholars are required to write an original research article due after the program ends and present their findings orally to their peers. Columbia and Barnard students are required to present their work in poster format at a symposium, held the winter after the program.

Applications are accepted until 5pm on February 3rd, For more than 25 years, the company has tapped the power of scientific discovery and innovation to advance the practice of medicine. Today, as a Fortune company serving millions of patients, Amgen continues to be an entrepreneurial, science-driven enterprise dedicated to helping people fight serious illness.

amgen scholars program 2020

For further information on the Amgen Scholars Program at other universities: www.

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